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How do I apply for subsidy?

Raphael Hewett
posted this on July 15, 2013 13:40

After the event, follow the appropriate link to complete your ticket subsidy claim online:

  • The Ticket Subsidy Service Request can be found on PartnerLink (via or
  • Log on to PartnerLink > (top tab) click on 'Partner' > (left menu) click on the arrow next to 'Pay & Benefits' > click on the arrow next to 'Benefits' > click on 'Ticket Subsidy (Current year)' > click on the green tab 'New Claim'. Then follow on screen instructions.

Retired Partners:  Please note that if you are a Retired Partner, you will need to complete your claim on a ticket subsidy form as you have done before. This is due to the fact that you will not have access to PartnerLink Self Service. Once completed, please attach proof of your attendance / payment (e.g.ticket or receipt) and send the form to the PersonnelService Centre for processing. Download and complete the PDF form:


Make a note on the form of the rate of exchange and the equivalent cost in sterling at the time of purchase, if your tickets have been paid for in a foreign currency.

Attach the tickets to the form (original tickets, not photocopies). Many Festivals will exchange your paper ticket for a wristband, the actual wristband is acceptable as proof and should be sent together with your claim form (not photocopies).

Print the form and send to the Personnel Administration centre at Bracknell. Claims received before the first of the month will be paid with your next month's pay and will be shown on your pay slip, but don't worry your claim will not be taxed.

You must claim before the end of the year in which your tickets fall and within two months of the date of your ticket(s). You may claim for more than one event on your Claim Form.

In exceptional circumstances if you wish to keep your ticket, it will only be returned if you provide a self addressed envelope with your claim. Internal address or if external post it must have the relevant postage stamps included.